Apr 17th 2015, 02:42

Worder is an English dictionary based on wordnik - https://www.wordnik.com/ Just look up for your word and get its definition, pronunciation, related words and usage examples. A related image is displayed as well. comments androidApp

HOWTO: wiping cache on nexus

Mar 18th 2015, 01:13

If you see slow downs after applying a new android update on your nexus device,  you need to clear/wipe its cache just to get it back to a normal and acceptable performance. The process is quite simple and described below. It won't always fix your problems, slow downs, etc but it's worth it a try... comments androidhowto

Shamefully copy pasting a list by Garret LeSage about software development and design. programmers and managers need to fully embrace design — without “buy-in”, designing is futile (as it’ll never get implemented properly — or, often, implemented at all) design is an iterative process inv... comments develblog


Jan 13th 2015, 02:50

Snappy is an arcade side-scrolling game. Just fly through the pipes, but be careful not to hit them. Get your power ups, but at the same time try to avoid the bad ones. At the end of the day simply beat your best high score. Have fun and don't get too addicted :) Planned features: Goo... comments androidApp

I just uploaded a game to the play store. Snappy is quite simple but it can get addictive. Just try to get your highest score and beat your friends! As it's just the first version and I'm experimenting with a few things, there's no google play games integration yet, but I'll work on it as soon as... comments develandroidnews

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