HOWTO: flashing an OTA file on your nexus device

Dec 4th 2014, 00:53

DISCLAIMER: I assume no responsibility for any damage this process might do to your device.

On your PC:

  • download the OTA file making sure it's the right one for your device (e.g. update from android 5.0 to 5.0.1)
  • place it in the Android SDK folder under "platform-tools" where you have the adb command

On your phone/tablet:

  • enter fastboot mode by switching off your device and once it's off, (usually) press Power and Volume Down at the same time. Enter Recovery Mode where you'll see the android logo with an exclamation mark. Press Power and Volume Up.
  • select "apply update from ADB"

On your PC;

  • connect the usb cable to your device
  • execute the following command (where is the OTA file you previously downloaded): ./adb sideload

Once done, reboot your device and enjoy your brand new Android version!


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