HOWTO: flashing nexus factory images

Nov 13th 2014, 02:46

DISCLAIMER: I assume no responsibility for any damage this process might do to your device.

This is post will be updated with more info over time.

So here are the basic steps for installing your new factory image on your nexus device. Beware that it will WIPE ALL YOUR DATA. So please keep your backups around.

This howto is meant to be used on linux, but similar steps can be followed for windows as well (with the addition of the needed drivers).

On your PC:

  • download the android SDK from here
  • in your terminal, cd into the platform-tools directory
  • download your factory image and unzip the file in the platform-tools directory

On your phone/tablet:

  • make sure "USB debugging" is enabled (Settings -> Developer Options -> "USB debugging")
    • if the Developer Options menu is not there, simply tap a few times the Build Number of your device
  • enter fastboot mode by switching off your device and once it's off, (usually) press Power and Volume Down at the same time.
  • now you can connect the device to your PC via the USB cable

On your PC:

  • on your terminal make sure you're under the platform-tools directory (run pwd to check)
  • unlock the bootloader by executing: ./fastboot oem unlock
  • finally flash everything by executing: ./flash-all
    • if case you get a message about fastboot not being found, just add the current directory (platform-tools) to your $PATH
  • wait a few minutes and setup your brand new android device!

Any comments or questions about the whole process are always welcomed!
Time permitting, a video tutorial will be added as well.

Edited on: Dec 29th 2014, 11:07


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