Apr 15th 2014, 12:33

Yet another todo manager bites the dust. Nothing really special about it, except for the fact that it allows you to export all your todos in a csv format (your todos, are truly yours). More features about to come soon. comments androidApp


Apr 13th 2014, 22:48

This is a simple app to record sound and save on your device all the recordings. More info soon.. comments androidApp


Apr 13th 2014, 22:21

And let there be Enlight! ehm.. I mean light.. so what's EnLight? Just a simple android app that lets you use your phone flash as a torch or in case you don't have a phone with a flash, to use the light emission of your screen. Upcoming features: Widget Battery warning Sound alert ... comments androidApp

WebSite todo

Apr 13th 2014, 02:52

The website is not totally done yet. Todo items left include: rss disqus comments search android apps link ckeditor (admin stuff, move along) about page ads! meta tags social links comments count comments develwebsite

Welcome to WeirdLoop

Apr 11th 2014, 02:31

Hello friend, this is the very first post on WeirdLoop! Enjoy your stay, browse freely and have fun! If you have any suggestions, just drop a comment below, it'll probably be redirected to /dev/null (just *most likely* kidding).... comments news

WeirdLoop has 15 posts, feel free to read them all. I know I won't